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Dog Ramp Reviews
Smart Ramp

Smart Ramp Review

Smart Ramp

Smart Ramp is light in weight, of only 16lbs. It is best for SUV(sport utility vehicles). This dog ramp for SUV has a soft gripping surface.  It is highly durable as it can manage weight up to 300 lbs of pets easily. the smart ramp also features the non-slip surface to keep your dog safe from slipping and falling.

Smart Ramp Review is as follows:

The smart ramp includes the high traction rate because of the textured surface to avoid the slips and it also reduces the joint stress. It is best for outdoor use and good for transportation. This is highly recommended for larger or heavier pets and also for those who have mobility issues or other joint problems. This ramp contains the side guide rails that are built in and do the walking of the dog safe and secure while climbing up and landing down.

Unique design and safe:

Smart Ramp includes some of the most beneficial safety features like rubberized carpet to ensure stronghold; the flawless design is quite unique and innovative for the pets. It includes slip free mechanism of guide rails that make it easier for dogs to walk on the ramp easily, dogs just love this ramp.

It features the best standout design that is popular for its construction and durability. Plus, it is best for all medium to large sizes of dogs etc.

Easy to keep:

Moreover, it gives you the freedom to store it easily almost everywhere in your house and vehicle. It is perfect for outdoor and indoor activities and also for healthy training of pets.


  • It is a strong and best dog ramp for larger dogs.
  • This is a perfect lightweight and compact product and perfect for the dogs.
  • This ramp is best dog ramp for your dog’s comfort and health.
  • It is built with durable and strong material and it is very useful for training purpose as well.
  • This ramp includes a textured surface to make dogs secure and active.
  • It is a quite narrow ramp.
  • The carpet gets slippery at times.
  • It is not very durable.
The Last Thoughts

The reason why should you buy it is that it is relatively very reasonable product and also convenient for your dog to climb and walk. Plus, it is very easy to fold, carry and manage. This is lightweight and the soft handle makes it more comfortable to carry. this ramp provides a smooth touch to your dog’s paws. It includes good traction and best for large dogs.

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