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Dog Ramp Reviews
Pet Gear Travel Lite Tri Fold Pet Ramp

Pet Gear Travel Lite Tri Fold Pet Ramp Review

Pet Gear Travel Lite Tri Fold Pet Ramp

Check the Pet Gear Travel Lite Tri Fold Pet Ramp Review below, that will explain the top rated dog ramp’s features in the most comprehensive manner.

Pet Gear comes with the most promising mechanism of SupertraX carpet that provides good traction and sure footing with a stronghold to the ramp. Mat is soft and very comfortable, it is removable and you can easily wash it. The dog ramp helps pets in managing their balance and it is non-slippery because of good textured carpet. This is one of the best dog ramps for bed as well.

It includes the perfect raised edges; they provide safety for the dogs from falling down or slipping; they also provide confidence to the dogs. Plus, it also features the rubberized grippers that don’t allow the ramp to move, it is the most secure feature allocated in dog ramps. It is a highly portable ramp. Then comes the built-in handle that makes it easy to carry and handle. And it includes the tri-fold design that makes it more reliable and trustworthy. It is highly manageable; you can easily store it almost everywhere.

SUV Reviews:

The ultimate design makes it more rugged and useful. The dog ramp includes strong construction that makes it super sturdy to use for both indoor and outdoor activities. It is among best dog ramp for SUV. You can use it for cars, trucks, buses etc; the dog can easily walk in and out from the vehicle with this help of this ramp. Plus, you can also use this for indoor use like it is best for the training sessions of the dogs. Its beautiful structure makes it much elegant. Plus you can easily keep it almost anywhere in your house.

Traction Rate:

The good textured green carpet is extremely reliable and perfect for the walk of pets. Green carpet provides them confidence and soft touch. The green carpet is made up of top rated quality material just to provide sure footing for your dog. The green carpet is best for strong grip and hold.

The presence of good traction rate is also the best way to stop the falling and injuries of the pets. Good traction is there to provide a strong hold and sure footing to the dogs to avoid maximum slips.

Features and Specifications:

  • Maximum Weight: It can hold up to 200lbs, maximum weight of pets.
  • The weight of the product: It is 27 lbs of weight.


It is available in four styles so that you can choose according to your taste:

  • Bi-Fold Half Ramp 42″ L
  • Bi-Fold Ramp 66″ L
  • Extra-Wide Tri-Fold Ramp 71″ L x 19.5″ W
  • Tri-Fold Ramp 71″ L


Folding Dog Ramp:

The positive part of this ramp is mentioned here as it provides steady position and safety. It also features the most important thing that is built in handle that makes transportation quite easy. This ramp also includes the tri-fold design that is reliable and easy to place almost everywhere. It also includes supertrax mat that is easy to clean and washable. That mat is also removable. The ramp is extremely strong and durable to use. It provides the maximum control to the ramp because of the good traction rate. This is extremely well-made ramp and includes top quality material. It also features different styles that make this product extremely versatile. This ramp includes good rubberized grippers to ensure safety and well-being.


The negative part of this ramp is that it is quite heavy and very bulky. And also it features the side handles that are not made up of good quality.

The Last Thoughts

It is a good purchase and extremely functional dog ramp. This ramo is one of the best selling and Top Rated Pet Gear Dog Ramps. It features many of the most useful features. This is highly portable and convenient product for the dogs to use, you can easily carry it almost everywhere. This ramp also provides good traction control to the paws of the dogs. No doubt, it is very high-quality product and very sturdy.

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