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Dog Ramp Reviews
Pet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair

Pet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair Review:

Pet Gear Easy Step Bed StairPet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair, is wide and deep that makes it more accurate and helpful for the pets to use. It makes landing and the climbing of the large and small dogs more safe. It is best for indoor activities, you can place it near to your bed and sofa so that your pet can easily reach there and walk it is best indoor dog ramp. Plus, it features the rubberized grippers that ensure the stronghold and it doesn’t allow the ramp to move from its place.

The carpet thread is washable and you can remove it whenever you want. Plus, it is highly paw-friendly and provides you soft touch.

Petco Dog Stairs:

Moreover, this product is highly convenient and easy to assemble; it almost takes 10 minutes in assembling. Plus, the assembling requires no tools. Among small pets it is best pet ramp for bed. Do not add much load on the ramp as it may break.

Pet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair Review is as follows:

Elegant Structure and Design:

Its structure is very strong and the gentle slope makes it more rugged. The elegant and culminating design makes it easier for the dogs to use.

The Perfect Shape:

It features the perfect “ L” shaped stair layout that is perfect for the dogs to use and its wide surface makes it easier. Plus, it also takes less place in the room. This shape and design are best to place in the room as it also compliments the room furniture. This is perfect for the dogs up to 75 lbs and can easily hold their weight.

Best for small to medium dog:

This ramp is highly effective for the small to medium dogs. It also helps in maintaining and protecting the pet’s joint health. The good incline of the steps reduces the stress. The best, wide, deep and big stairs allow the dogs to get their whole body on the platform. The great height and length allow the walk up and down of pets relatively easy.

Features and Specifications:

  • Best For: 75 lbs
  • Low step height of: 5
  • Deep stair landings: 5″
  • Weight: 20 lbs

The most promising points of this dog ramp are mentioned here just to explain the best of it; it is deep and wide. This ramp provides convenience and safety of the dogs. It features the best L shaped that provides more surface to the dogs for easy access.

The best incline in the stairs helps in reducing the joint stress. It also includes good traction and provides good hold. It requires no tools in assembling. This is easy to manage and handle.


The negatives of this product are explained as it is not good for outdoor activities. It is harder for the larger dogs to walk on this ramp. It really can’t handle the weight of dogs more than 150 lbs.

The Last Thoughts

This product is a must to use for dog’s training purposes. It provides smooth and convenient walk to your dogs with complete safety. It is one of the safest and best pet ramp for the small to medium dogs. This is best for indoor activities. It is easy to assemble, operate and use. You can keep it anywhere in your house. It compliments your furniture as well. So, do not get late to purchase this amazing pick.

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